TëkorMud is a material that lends itself to the treatment of the surface, finish and design products for interiors. It appears as a manually machined surface and then with a distribution of color that does not point to chromatic homogeneity. The finish can range from glossy to rough at the option of the customer. The products created in <strongTëkorMud have no grout joints.
TëkorMud is a product particularly suitable for:
– Kitchen furniture – worktops, panels, sinks, doors, side panels, shelves, drawers and accessories.
– Bathroom – shower trays, tiles, sinks, vanity tops, blocks, tubs, doors, accessories.
– Contract furniture – upholstery, furniture, worktops, shower trays, vanity tops, sinks, tubs and engine blocks.
– Furnishing complements – tables, coffee tables, doors, shelves, lamps, wall hangers, steps.



TëkorMud TëkorMud allows to coat with an aesthetic finish, particularly modern, any object made of any material.

– Resistant to fire class 1.
– Flexible.
– Breathable and frost-proof.
– Antistatic.
– Recyclable
– Environmentally friendly.
– Refractory to dirt and stains.
– Seamless Junctions.