Company – History – Philosophy


Makkan S.r.l combines the wide experience of professionals with innovation, selecting and training every year young employees to join our company staff.
We provide a complete follow up of the project, from design and production to delivery and installation with a prompt, always available and qualified after sales service.
Makkan Srl strongly believes in the development of new materials and products, that’s why every year we allocate significant investments in R&D in order to provide our customers with innovative materials of increasingly higher quality and performances.
Technological innovation and high quality are the values that distinguish the products of Makkan, which allow to satisfy the specific requirements of the market, always respecting the environment.
The product range of Makkan Srl grow up constantly to provide advanced materials able to fit the demands of design.


Makkan Srl was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam components to specialize in the production of composite materials. After years of development, from 2007, has created the wide range of Tëkor Surfaces: Tëkor, TëkorLux, TëkorStone, TëkorWood and TëkorAcryl.
The production of highly versatile materials has encouraged the development of new partnerships and a sudden internationalization, making it one of the industry leader.
The Albina production site has the latest technology machinery with a high innovation technology, fundamental to be a key partner for all planners, designers, architects and companies that want to improve the process of creating new products, and starting from an idea make them become reality. In order to be an absolute trusted partner, it has been done over the years a great investment to improve the company staff, creating motivated and highly specialized departments, while maintaining the typical Italian flexibility.


We believe in a continuous improvement process and in the services offered to satisfy the increasingly high expectations of the companies we work with.