A revolutionary material with high performances that, thanks to its chromatic homogeneity and the suitability to eliminate grout lines between elements, can give elegance to any room. Tëkor is a technologically advanced composite material, made of a mix of precious natural mineral fillers of different particle size, polymers and high purity monomers. It is a resistant and hygienic material, highly attractive and with a pleasurable tactile appeal. Its versatility and the possibility to create objects of any shape makes it one of the designers’ favourite material.
Tëkor is used by many prestigious furniture companies, it can fit to many situations:
– Bathroom – shower trays, tiles, sinks, vanity tops, tubs, doors and accessories.
– Contract furniture – coverings, furnishings, worktops, shower trays, vanity tops, sinks and tubs.
– Home accessories – bases for tables, doors, shelves, hangers.
– Hospital furniture.
– Furniture for orthodontic practices.
– Naval furnishing.



TTëkor due to its characteristics is considered one of the most ductile materials for every interior design style:

– Excellent thermal stability
– Resistant to boiling water
– Hypoallergenic
– Chemically inert to many organic and inorganic substances
– Fireproof
– UV resistant
– Compact
– Non-toxic

– Modular without visible joints and 100% restorable with a gentle abrasive action.
– Possibility to cut to size every product, customizing it.
– It can be cut, drilled, milled, planed or inlaid using standard woodworking tools.
– Freedom to create complex shapes with solutions undercut and with varying thicknesses.
– Low costs for the realization of designs, prototypes and molds.
– The realization of complex components in varying thicknesses, for particular also large.
– Short time forming.
– Possibility of embedding inserts inside the product during moulding.
– High durability.
– Reproducibility in series with consistent quality over time.